A makeover for our Turl St coffee shop

When we first opened our doors to Oxford City on a Saturday morning nine years ago, with our hopes and dreams set on providing the best coffee in Oxford, we never could have anticipated the enthusiasm to which people responded to our ‘free coffees all day’ marketing plan. It quickly became apparent that we had overlooked that Saturday the 10th, 2009 also happened to be matriculation day in Oxford.

After what seemed like an impossible Apprentice challenge, we managed to make it out alive and with it, garnered a reputation for being able to make amazing coffees, quickly. We always do our very best to uphold this quality each and every day because we know that when it comes to your first caffeinated beverage of the day, there’s no time for waiting around.


On that day, we were very proud of our little Oxford café, tucked away yet still close enough to the excitement of the city centre with its large glass windows overlooking the Street. For nine years, she has served us oh so well and we thought it about time to restore our Turl Street HQ to her former glory. 

What’s new?

Aside from the many and much needed cosmetic tweaks, we’ve rearranged the interior to try and provide a little more space. You’ll find we now have bench seating which means more people will be able to have their coffees in. We’ve improved the lighting and we’ve added an integrated speaker system, so drinkers will have an even better all-round coffee experience than ever before! We have Faema to thank for our shiny new coffee machine that is the cherry on top of our refurb. 

Getting digital


It was also about time that we turn our attention to our digital presence. For years, we’ve been selling our house blends and single origin beans in store and haven’t been able to sell them online — until now! Now, you can get a little bit of Missing Bean deliciousness delivered straight to your door.

Please feel free to have a look around our e-shop and learn more about where our ethically sourced coffee beans come from. You can now buy our artisan coffee online — hooray!