What is the best coffee equipment to use? Exploring the Missing Bean Home Brewing Collection

What is the best coffee equipment to use? Exploring the Missing Bean Home Brewing Collection

The best coffee equipment for you to use really depends on your own needs and what you want to get out of your coffee. At Missing Bean, we take pride in curating the finest home-brewing equipment, ensuring that only the best tools find a place in our collection. In this article, we will embark on a journey through the history of renowned coffee companies and their exceptional brewing methods. Let's delve into the world of Aeropress, Hario, La Marzocco, Opal, Pezzetti, and Timemore to discover the ultimate home brewing experience.

Brief Overview / History of the Companies:


Founded by Alan Adler (inventor of the Aerobe frisbee), the Aeropress company introduced the revolutionary Aeropress Coffee Maker in 2005. Adler's innovative immersion and pressure-based brewing method promised a smooth, flavorful cup without bitterness or grit, quickly earning the Aeropress its place among coffee aficionados worldwide.


With a rich history dating back to 1921, Hario is a Japanese company that initially specialized in heatproof glass manufacturing. Over time, they expanded into the coffee world, offering a range of brewing equipment known for its precision and elegant design.

La Marzocco:

Established in 1927 in Florence, Italy, La Marzocco has become an iconic name in the espresso machine industry. They are renowned for their commitment to craftsmanship and engineering excellence, which is evident in their Linea Mini Espresso Machine.


As a leading manufacturer of coffee pod machines, Opal's flagship product, the Opal One Coffee Pod Machine, promises convenience without compromising on coffee quality.


With a tradition of craftsmanship spanning over 70 years, Pezzetti is an Italian company renowned for producing classic stovetop Moka pots, evoking nostalgia and charm.


Timemore, a relatively newer player in the coffee equipment market, quickly gained recognition for its precision and design-focused products. Their Cafetière exemplifies their dedication to producing tools that elevate the home brewing experience.


A Rundown on Each Brewing Method:


The Aeropress was initially designed to create a cup of coffee without bitterness, acidity, or grit, leading to its unique immersion and pressure-based brewing method. If you're a traveler, camper, or outdoor enthusiast who craves a delightful coffee experience anywhere, the Aeropress is your perfect companion.

  • Equipment Needed: Aeropress Coffee Maker, Aeropress Filter Papers.
  • Best Coffee Bean: Opt for medium roast coffee beans with well-defined flavor profiles to complement the Aeropress brewing method.
  • Best Grind: Use a medium-fine grind for a balanced extraction and rich flavors.
  • Benefits of the Method: The Aeropress offers portability, simplicity, and exceptional taste, making it ideal for on-the-go coffee lovers who value convenience without compromising on quality.


Hario V60 Dripper:

The name "V60" comes from the V-shape of the cone and its 60-degree angle, allowing for optimal water flow and coffee extraction. If you appreciate the art and science of manual coffee brewing and love to craft a perfectly balanced cup, the Hario V60 Dripper is your go-to brewing method.


  • Equipment Needed: Hario V60 Dripper, Hario V60 Filter Papers, Hario Buono Drip Kettle, Hario Mini-Slim Ceramic Coffee Grinder.
  • Best Coffee Bean: Embrace single-origin or specialty coffee beans with distinct flavor profiles to explore the nuances of the Hario V60 brewing method.
  • Best Grind: Use a medium-coarse grind to achieve the perfect balance between extraction and clarity in flavor.
  • Benefits of the Method: The Hario V60 Dripper allows for precise pour-over brewing, extracting nuanced flavors from coffee beans, perfect for coffee purists who enjoy a hands-on experience.


La Marzocco Linea Mini Espresso Machine:

The Linea Mini Espresso Machine draws inspiration from the renowned Linea Classic, known for its presence in specialty coffee shops worldwide. If you are passionate about top-quality espresso and enjoy experimenting with different coffee beans, the Linea Mini is the perfect choice for the home barista in you.

  • Equipment Needed: La Marzocco Linea Mini Espresso Machine, high-quality espresso beans.
  • Best Coffee Bean: Choose freshly roasted, high-quality espresso beans to bring out the best flavours in your Linea Mini shots.
  • Best Grind: Opt for a fine grind to ensure a perfect espresso extraction.
  • Benefits of the Method: The Linea Mini Espresso Machine brings commercial-grade espresso-making to your home, allowing you to extract the perfect shot with rich crema and complex flavours.


Opal One Coffee Pod Machine:

Opal One Coffee Pod Machine offers convenience without compromising coffee quality, and it comes with an integrated grinder for grinding fresh coffee beans. If you prioritise convenience and want a reliable coffee experience without the need for manual preparation, the Opal One is your best companion.

  • Equipment Needed: Opal One Coffee Pod Machine, coffee pods.
  • Best Coffee Bean: Utilise a variety of coffee pods from various roasters, exploring different flavours and roast profiles.
  • Best Grind: No need to grind coffee beans, as the Opal One uses pre-packaged coffee pods.
  • Benefits of the Method: The Opal One Coffee Pod Machine provides a hassle-free brewing experience with the touch of a button, ideal for busy individuals who seek consistency in their coffee experience.


Pezzetti Moka Pot:

The Pezzetti Moka Pot is a classic stovetop Moka pot, capturing the essence of traditional Italian coffee preparation. If you seek a connection to Italian coffee traditions and enjoy a bold and rich coffee, the Pezzetti Moka Pot is the perfect choice for you.

  • Equipment Needed: Pezzetti Moka Pot, medium to dark roast coffee beans.
  • Best Coffee Bean: Embrace the bold flavors of medium to dark roast coffee beans to complement the stovetop espresso experience.
  • Best Grind: Use a medium-fine grind to ensure a balanced extraction in the Moka pot.
  • Benefits of the Method: The Pezzetti Moka Pot brews a strong and flavorful cup of coffee on stovetops, appealing to those who appreciate the traditional charm of Italian coffee culture.


Timemore Cafetiere:

Timemore's Cafetiere received the Red Dot Design Award in 2017, showcasing its elegant and innovative design. If you appreciate modern and visually appealing coffee equipment and want to savour the full flavours of freshly ground coffee, the Timemore Cafetiere is the perfect addition to your home brewing setup.

  • Equipment Needed: Timemore Cafetiere, freshly ground coffee beans.
  • Best Coffee Bean: Opt for freshly roasted single-origin or specialty coffee beans to savour the full flavours of the Cafetière brewing method.
  • Best Grind: Utilise a coarse grind to allow for a full immersion brewing experience without the need for paper filters.
  • Benefits of the Method: The Timemore Cafetière’s double-layer stainless steel filter allows for full immersion brewing, preserving the coffee's natural oils and resulting in a fuller-bodied cup.


Our Home Brewing collection brings you an exceptional array of brewing methods. Whether you're an on-the-go coffee lover, a pour-over enthusiast, an espresso aficionado, a convenience seeker, a traditionalist, or a design-conscious coffee enthusiast, there's a perfect match for you in our curated collection. Embrace the world of home brewing and unlock the exceptional aromas of a freshly brewed cup, right at your fingertips. Happy brewing!