Peru – Chilchos Valley

In summer 2016 Ori (owner & master roaster) and Conrad went on a special trip to Peru  to visit the coffee farm where we source our beans from. Trekking over the breath taking landscape towards the Chilchos Valley, they spent time with coffee farmer, Guillermo, and stayed with his family.

Our Peru coffee is a washed typica. The high altitude, hand picked arabica coffee is transported on horseback over the Andes from the cloud forests of the Chilchos valley in Northern Peru. Its shade grown to protect rainforest in the organic farm of Guillermo Cotrina. The coffee beans are free from all chemicals and pesticides and purchased direct from Guillermo at fair prices helping him to support his family and reinvest in sustainable farming practices.

The Peru coffee was found through a friend who works at an NGO in Peru, that helps indigenous people fight their rights to the land. He put Ori in touch with farmer who was growing coffee and unsure of how to sell it. 

If you’re interested in trying it out, we serve it across our Oxford cafés and you can buy it direct from our online shop: