Made in Oxford

We became Central Oxford's first independently owned coffee shop in 2009.

Independently run

We are a small team who oversee everything from sourcing, to roasting.

Sustainably produced

All of our coffee is sourced with the highest environmental and ethical standards.


Our Story


Opened Turl Street

Machine: La Marzoco Linea 3-group


First University College Ball


Opened Missing Bean @ St Cross inside the Univeristy Law Faculty


500,000th Coffee Served


Opened the Roastery

Roaster: Coffee-Tech Ghibli 15kg


First Wholesale Customer


First Cupping Night


1,000,000th Coffee Served


Turl St New Espresso Machine: Faema E71


Roastery new Roaster: Giesen 15kg


Launched Online Shop


Turl St New Espresso Machine: La Marzocco KB90 3-group


1,500,000th Coffee Served


Opened in Abingdon


Opened in Banbury


Opened in Botley


Roastery Cafe Refurb & Creation of Warehouse and Office Space


Turl St Cafe Refurb

About Us

Meet the team

We are a small team who oversee everything from sourcing, to roasting, working with wholesale clients, and making perfect coffees for our customers. Learn more about who we are below.

Ori Halup – Founder & Managing Director

Ori is one half of Missing Beans founding members. He first got into coffee while studying film in Sydney. Australia was at the forefront of third wave coffee culture and utterly transformed everything he knew about coffee.

Moving to the UK and missing that good coffee and cafe hit, he would fantasise about opening a little coffee shop and letting it run itself, whilst he worked on his film career. Little did he know how profoundly the coffee bug had got him.

11 years later, sourcing, roasting and serving the best coffee he can lay his mitts on is still worth getting out of bed for.

He's created and nurtured an ever growing Missing Bean family. The focus is very much on developing mutually beneficial relationships. Be that Direct Trade with far flung farms or more immediate member's of the team. Provenance and fair treatment are paramount. Along with a good laugh. There have been some rough moments along the way but he wouldn't change it for the world!

In his spare time he represents Oxford and England in the ancient sport of Tambuerello (google it, it's a real thing). He's a keen cook and has a genuine flair for food, drink and conviviality.

Vicky Troth – Founder & Artistic Director

Vicky is the other half of the founding members of Missing Bean. Her view of coffee was transformed after arriving in Sydney for her studies.

She was used to well intentioned but poorly made cafetieres, and had assumed she just didn't like the taste of coffee. That all changed when she sampled her first flat white in Oz. Returning to the UK it was hard to find good coffee outside of London.

Setting up a coffee business in her home town of Oxford felt like the right move whilst embarking on a film career. Hoping it would provide an income (and tasty coffee) before there was much film work!

Fast forward 11 years and she now works full time in film and does much of the graphic design for the Bean. She's rightly proud of the business she's helped to shape and grow. It's definitely a real community which is what was intended first and foremost.

In her spare time she's a ceramicist and painter. And man can she throw some shapes - ceramicist chat for being Ace.

Silviu Rad - Head of Coffee & Business Development

IG: @silviurad

Silv is our head of sourcing. He began roasting coffee just after turning 18. It was his first job and he loved it! Quickly learning about complex flavour compounds and aromatics of coffee (more than in wine, can you believe). He found he was hooked on coaxing new profiles out of the beans. He still gets a buzz at the prospect of a fresh harvest arriving.

Coming to join The Missing Bean was an opportunity to put into practice everything learned at the previous roastery and cafe. Head of sourcing is a dynamic role that keeps Silv focused and motivated. It has allowed him to expand his network across every sector, from farmers and baristas to coffee drinkers the world over.

He loves nothing more than a chat with like minded enthusiasts, be it coffee or his other obsession - cycling. Just beware challenging him to a game of table tennis - he will slay you. You've been warned!

Olly Wilkins - Roastery Manager & Head of Marketing

IG: @ollywilkins

Missing Bean wouldn't be the same without Olly, he's the heart and soul of the roastery.

Here's what he has to say: 'Missing Bean is a part of the fabric of Oxford and it’s a privilege to be a member of the team. I’ve always loved the friendly, local nature of things while also thinking of the bigger picture and our impact on things on a national and global scale.

'We’re constantly learning, adapting and evolving and that makes working for MB so interesting and exciting. I feel proud to have been a part of things the last few years and can’t wait to see where we go!'

He's a keen sportsman and in his free time you can find him playing football, cricket or golf. 

Ben Sankey - Cafe Operations Manager

Ben found his way to us after he enrolled on a furniture making course here in Oxford. One cold winter morning, on the hunt for a cup of 'the good stuff' before a lecture, with virtually no knowledge of his new surroundings, he and a new buddy went on an adventure. Soon happening upon 'the Missing Bean'. Little did he know, it would become an important part of his life, not only as a coffee drinker, but also a place of work, family and fun.

After a stint in Plymouth doing a furniture making degree, working summers for us, he joined Missing Bean full time as Manager of our Turl street cafe.

Seek out a cup of his favourite Ethiopian batch brew and stay for a natter. 

Emilie Lambert - Project Manager & Production Roaster

Emilie is a familiar face in the Missing Bean family. Having previously worked across our cafes, Emilie has now evolved into a vital member of our back office team but still finds the time to roast a batch or two of coffee as part of our Roast Team. Without Emilie we’d be in organisational chaos and her strategic and logical mindset is perfect for us to maintain our service as well as building for the future. Emilie comes as a two-for-one deal with the loyal Roastery doggo Phrod taking residence at our HQ and keeping guard of our warehouse - her bark is far worse than her bite!

Ross Armson - Head Roaster

Ross joined us in 2021 and has brought with him a wealth of coffee knowledge and experience. Having previously worked at the likes of Campbell & Syme and Redemption Roasters, Ross truly knows what he’s talking about when it comes to coffee beans green and brown! He’s the lead in our Roast Team and designs all the roasting profiles, keeps tabs on quality control and ensures theres a continual flow of beans for ourselves, our wholesale customers and our online shop. He loves a new tattoo and is starting to run out of space to put more - he makes a pretty cool hand model too for any latte art pics!

Brian Gray - Head Barista & Production Roaster

Instagram: @Brian_gray21

Brian found his way to coffee through books. Once upon a time, he spent all his free time in bookshops (living the dream, Brian) after which he would peruse his purchases in a coffee shop. One thing led to another and Brian ended up working in a bookshop cafe. Which in his own words 'was wonderful'.
After stumbling upon a speciality coffee publication, he became instantly captivated by the art, science and dedication involved in crafting the perfect cup. Brian loves Missing Bean for its fine balance of hitting the sweet spot between informal and professional.
'You are celebrated for your individuality and are pushed to thrive.' Our favourite bookworm makes you feel right at home, whether you're grabbing a take away or staying a while to lose yourself in a good book.  

Victoria Lipscombe - Head of Roastery & Cafe Logistics

Vicky came to Missing Bean again via academia, studying International Relations and Business Management at Oxford Brookes.
She joined us back in 2018. Initially starting at Turl Street and rapidly developing a love and appreciation for good coffee and the cafe culture surrounding it. She went on to become Assistant Manager at our Turl street cafe, then manager of our Roastery Cafe, and now a vital part of our backroom team.
Her morning go-to is an Oat milk flat white.

Jason Moss - Turl St Cafe Manager

Jason is our fresh face on Turl St and he's slotted in perfectly to run the show at our spiritual home.

He caught our eye with his eagerness and enthusiasm for all things coffee and the journey it takes from farm to cup. He's super keen for a good brew just as much as good service - the perfect combo for our buzzy cafe in the centre of town.

In his downtime or while on a break, he enjoys chilling to some funk or jazz music while sipping on a humble flat white.

Tom Partington-Smyth - Abingdon Cafe Manager

Tom will be a familiar face to our Turl St Cafe go-ers, but after a brief break away from the Bean he has returned to take the reins at our new Abingdon Cafe. Tom loves all things coffee, loves all things Spanish, loves all things sport and most importantly loves a good chat! He and his Abingdon team are super friendly and have created such a welcoming space for us over there. Tom is a devoted husband to the lovely Hattie and is a soon-to-be Dad - he’ll be needing even more coffee to get him through those early starts!

Molly Claire McGunnigle - Botley Cafe Manager

Instagram: @mcm_mua/

Molly began working for Missing bean part time and discovered she enjoyed learning about coffee and all the myriad intricacies involved in making a lovely cup and responding to the cafes day to day needs. There's nothing she doesn't know about the working of our Turl street cafe. Pop in and say hi when you're in town. 
When she's not knocking out exceptional espressos she's working on her A-game, as a talented and prolific artist, specialising in prosthetic make up, drawing and design. You can check out her work via her IG. We think she's awesome and adore the creative vibe she brings.

Catalin Rusu - Banbury Cafe Manager

Cat is a real pro and keeps things in check for us over at our new Banbury Cafe. He has great experience ranging from Michelin Star restaurants to Artisan Bakeries, and now has turned his skills to the coffee world. As well as making a great coffee with sharp latte art, Cat loves his food so is in charge of the menu and offering in Banbury which is full of interesting treats! His real passion though is for fishing and is our go-to chef for staff BBQ’s - the two go perfectly hand in hand!

Laila Pipara - Banbury Cafe Assistant Manager

The lovely Laila has made our new Banbury Cafe a warm, welcoming space and her smile is the perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee. Being a Banbury resident she knows the town and our regulars well and keeps both us and the area on its toes! She’s a keen photographer and takes awesome snaps for our social media channels which is ideal for grabbing those moments when the latte art is looking just right!