About our specialty coffee beans

A lot of love goes into making our beans the best that they can be. Our specialty coffee beans are carefully selected from unique regions across the globe, focusing on the finest and most exclusive varieties known for their distinct characteristics.

We strive to build direct relationships with farmers, fostering partnerships that endure. In cases where direct connections are not possible, we partner with independent green bean importers who share our commitment to long-term collaboration between coffee growers and roasters.

Freshly roasted coffee beans, delivered to your door.

Get the finest freshly roasted coffee beans delivered right to your doorstep. Our coffee beans are hand-roasted fresh, five days a week, to ensure unique flavours are at their very best. Place your order by noon, Monday to Friday, and we'll dispatch it from the Roastery on the same day. Enjoy our coffee delivered across the UK


When should I expect my order to arrive?

All orders placed by midday, Monday - Friday, will be dispatched from the Roastery the same day. For more info, please visit our delivery page.

How fresh will my coffee beans be?

We take freshness seriously. We roast every single weekday, every single week, so the roast date on your beans is likely to be within a week of your order date. This ensures that you receive the freshest coffee possible to enjoy at its peak flavour.

Is your packaging recyclable / compostable? 

All our retail bags (including labels & ink), 250g, 500g & 1kg are fully compostable, so simply dispose of in your food waste or general waste and it will naturally biodegrade.

Are all your coffee beans ethically & sustainably sourced? 

Yes! We either work directly with the farms and farmers to ensure this, or we only use trusted importers for farms that are trickier to reach directly.

What is direct trade coffee, and why is it important to your roastery?

Direct trade coffee refers to a sourcing model where our roastery buys coffee beans directly from the farmers or cooperatives, cutting out intermediaries. This ensures fair prices for farmers and high-quality beans for our customers. Learn more about our direct-trade relationships.

Can I purchase your coffee beans wholesale for my cafe or business?

Yes, we offer wholesale services for cafes, restaurants, offices and more for orders of 6kg + per month, to learn more, visit our wholesale page.

Do you offer subscription services for regular coffee deliveries?

Absolutely! You can either subscribe to a regular delivery of our coffee beans or sign up to our Premium Subscription service where you’ll be surprised with a rotating selection from our ever changing range of coffee beans. Find our more on our subscriptions page.

What makes your specialty coffee beans different from regular coffee beans?

Specialty coffee beans are carefully selected and roasted to highlight their unique flavours, aromas, and characteristics, offering a more distinct and refined coffee experience.