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A fair wage

Buying direct means that farmers receive 100% of the costs for their goods, which results in a price that’s often far higher than fair trade

Ethical Production

A direct partnership with farmers means that we can ensure sustainable production and ethical labour practices are being followed

Better Coffee

Being in direct communication with the farms gives us more options when sourcing our beans and allows us access to unique coffees

"I want to thank all of you who buy our coffee. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. We drink it every day but without the income it generates we would struggle to make a living and protect our forests. Selling direct adds value to our coffee and allows us to improve our production but also secure vital medical support for our family in times of need. A thousand thank-you's"

Guillermo – Chilchos Valley, Peru

Nicaragua – Fincas Mierisch

When Silviu first started as the Missing Bean’s Head of Coffee, the first thing on his agenda was to source coffee from the Fincas Mierisch farms in Nicaragua. Having formerly been the Head of Coffee for Society Cafe, he was taken on a trip to the farms by Society’s roaster, Origin Cafe, to learn more about where and how the coffee was being produced.